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The PRESTIGE GROUP has been a consistently awarded group of DMCI Homes for outstanding sales service since 2007. Should you have any inquiries, visit any of our projects, or place a reservation, we would be more than glad to offer our services above and beyond what a fresh new agent might be able to give. It would be great if we could share with you insights we have accumulated through years of experience with DMCI Homes that will definitely help you have a more informed choice about your potential investment. Lead Broker: Ryan J. Resurreccion DMCI Homes Sales Philippine Association of Realtors Board (PAREB) Get to know us! Link to our members with FB accounts: Member: -Philippine Association of Realtors Board Inc. (PAREB) -Pasay-Makati Realtors Board Inc. (PMRB) -National Association of Realtors U.S.A. (NAR) Contact: Trunk-line: (02) 5557777 loc 5675 Direct Line: (02) 2159328 SMS/Txt Line: 63917 8597926

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